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7/21/2017 Johnny D. *****

So I went in there hobbling in pain. I called earlier that day round 11am and Bernard told me I could come in 4:30 pm. I filled out the online form which was quite easy, me being the non Tech savvy person that I am. anyways got in there on time Bernard greeted me and started assessing the situation i had lower back pain due to heavy work-load. Bernard put some shock things on my lower back then he worked his magic with his hands, a few snaps here and there and I was off to go. at first I was in more pain than before,  my whole upper body was just thriving in pain but then I realize it was because my whole back was so tensed and what bernand did was release it all.. next day in  the morning I was finally able to sit up out of bed on my own without pain ..
Thank you Bernard

6/27/2017 Zarah M. *****

Dr. Bernard is very nice and knowledgeable! His skills are top notch. I've always wanted to try chiro for my chronic back pain and chiromotion did not disappoint. The place is clean and nice and the staff is great. Highly recommended!

5/28/2017  Jeffrey G. *****

I went to visit Bernard to address lower back pain I had been experiencing. I found him on Yelp. I was impressed he had accumulated so many positive reviews in a fairly short amount of time. He has many years of chiropractic experience working in Montreal and has relocated his practice to LA.
It was my first time ever visiting a chiropractor. Bernard did an assessment and explained why I was experiencing pain. Then he did a couple of adjustments.
I felt great after. I also immediately felt taller! My friends have noticed as well so I know it's not just me!
I also visited Matt for bodywork. After a consult he took me through several excercises, then worked on a couple of pain spots. Finally he took me through preventative excercises I could do on my own.
Overall a very positive experience. Both Bernard and Matt have great energy and put me at ease during treatment. I highly recommend!Read less

6/21/2017   Updated review

I've had a few more sessions with Matt. He has great energy and is inspiring and fun to work with. My intention has been to develop my core to support posture and alleviate back pain. Matt helped me with core exercises that have strengthened (and flattened!) my abs dramatically. My back feels great and I feel very skinny! Definitely recommend him!!

6/13/2017 Jessica M. *****

I've only ever been to one chiropractor before and I was kinda hesitant to try it again, but with chronic neck/shoulder pain.. Parking was very easy, all side streets are a go. Bernard was very nice and educational. He let me know things about my neck and shoulder and what exercises I needed to do to keep from getting injured. I've seen him twice now and I'm already feeling better.

6/10/2017 Mindia L. *****

Bernard is extremely accommodating, knowledgeable and professional, which made me feel comfortable. His techniques are smooth and not jerky at all, which was very suitable for my problems. I have had chronic neck and upper back pain for years, and already feel much better after two adjustments. His adjustments always instantly release the pain. I also had several issues with my insurance company and he was there to help and work everything out. Overall, I would definitely recommend Bernard to my friends and family. 

And did I mention, the office is brand new and beautiful! :)

4/14/2017 Robert L. *****

Bernard was very helpful and professional when I came in to get some help with pain in my lower back and a few other places. He was very knowledgeable in observing how the different parts of my body (legs, pelvis, back, shoulders, neck, etc.) together contributed to the areas I was having issues with. After a few adjustments, I was feeling much better and back on my exercise routine without fear of re-injury. I was also recommended some simple products to help prevent the worsening of my neck condition which turned out to be quite effective. I would highly recommend Bernard and would definitely go back for more adjustments when needed.

4/20/2017 E.T. *****

I visited Chiromotion for an adjustment and had a fantastic experience. Dr Bernard Pare' was extremely professional and I could tell he cared about my well being and comfort. I've been getting adjustments since I was a kid and this was hands down, the most effective. The table was top-notch. Dr. Pare' started with a massaging motion to break up my muscle tension prior to adjusting. Chiromotion is certainly worth the investment for long or short term care. Nothing short of musculoskeletal magicians! With decades of experience there's no wonder why they're a leading provider on yelp. 

I'd also like to add that the office is impeccable and well decorated. Very clean and inviting.

3/31/2017 Carly L. *****

After suffering with a herniated disc in November I was reluctant to visit a chiropractor incase it exacerbated the injury. Once it felt more manageable I decided to go to deal with other issues, like neck pain and sciatica.

I've used chiropractors before, in various price ranges, but hadn't been for a while and was interested in finding someone close to home. Bernard has great reviews and decided to give Chiromotion a go. 

The place is airy and welcoming - parking was easy on McCadden which runs parallel to Highland. Bernard was inviting and personable and listened well during my initial consultation. He pinpointed problem areas quickly and I could tell from his investigations that he is very knowledgeable. I've recommended him to my husband who will be visiting him soon.

I'm glad I didn't let me injury hold me back from this visit, and my fears were unfounded.

3/30/2017 Xion X. *****

I've never had chiropractic service in my life. My lower back pain has been present lately and I notice I've been standing on my left leg more than ever- that's when I decided to give Chiromotion a chance... And I'm glad I did! 

Bernard was great. I appreciate his level of professionalism, courtesy, patience and willingness to explain concepts. This created a conducive environment for healing. =] 

Inside the building was clean, light and airy.  Though, parking can be intimidating, there's plenty of metered and residential spaces to use. 

After my first adjustment, I notice my posture is much improved and I stand on both of my feet equally. I know what Bernard did was effective because my back was mildly sore few hours later. The soreness was expected and very tolerable. By the next day, I felt like a new person. The practice of chiropractors now have a place in my life, thanks to Bernard.

3/19/2017 Joanna K. *****

I had the best experience being treated at Chiromotion. Haven't had alignment done before so was nervous but getting it done here was the best decision ever. Chronic lower back, neck, and shoulder pain - gone! Highly recommend! Bernard is the best.

3/5/2017 Paolo P. *****

I usually don't leave reviews but I felt the need to for Bernard. 2 months ago, I was having neck/back problems for a very long time. I came across Chirmotion and decided to make an appoitnment. Well 8 sessions later, let me tell you my neck/back feel AMAZING! Bernard is the best Chiropractor out there and and a super sweet guy. His prices are very fair and he really works with your scheudle. Trust me, if your body is in any pain then make an appoiment with Bernard.  #fact

2/12/2017 Ro. G. *****

I can't give enough stars!!! I went to see Bernard at Chiromotion....why did I wait so long?!  I had been dealing with my primary care physician and bottles of prescriptions for pain, then I went to Chiromotion and threw them all away!  I bs you not! In the very first visit, Bernard identified the majority of my issues and just like that (well that would be Bernard's expertise) it was put back into place.  I left Chiromotion feeling about a foot taller, I was finally standing up straight.  On my follow up adjustments Bernard keeps my spine lined up and ready for whatever I want to do.  No more couching it for me, I'm out and about pain free! 
If you haven't already, you should really give Chiromotion a call and set up a session to begin the healing process, it feels good too feel good!

1/4/2017 Thomas H. *****

What a fantastic place!  I found Bernard to be extremely knowledgable and he was able to pinpoint the causes of my pain and adjust them away.  Absolutely recommend him to anyone that needs a great Chiropractor!

6/9/2016 Emily B. *****

I called Dr. Bernard for an emergency adjustment for my neck right before I was scheduled to leave town.  It was my first time to their office.  The office was clean, had great decor, a good vibe and best of all I left feeling 10x better.  What a life savor!  The doctors and therapist here takes a full wholistic approach to getting you realigned, heal or performing at your highest levels by integrating chiropractic, physical therapy, massage and Yoga.  Awesome place amazing team of people who want to help you feel your best!

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